My name is Roger, born Clark (Foxworth), and adopted Lawrence. I’ve been a traveller since moving from England, the country of my birth, to South Africa way back in 1974. Here I spent my formative years, naturalised as a citizen, worked in diverse fields from computer programming, to Christian ministries, to scuba instruction. Eventually I left in my mid-twenties to discover the world.

Both my paternal and maternal grandparents, as well as step- and biological parents were aircrew. Hailing from Holland, Scotland, the USA, and South Africa, and living in those countries plus Germany and Sumatra. You could say exploration is in my blood.

Currently I live with my wife and youngest of our 4 daughters just outside Sydney, Australia. I run a startup looking to revolutionise training using Virtual Reality. Just one of many passions.

This site is where I share travel, family events, and experiences. Life as it unfolds before me. You’ll notice that the site has been rarely tended, but I do hope you too can live vicariously thru’ my eyes.

Roger “Rog42” Lawrence
July 2021